Bitcoin Rainbow Chart: Step-by-Step Guide

The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart is a straight-forward tool traders and investors may use to time the market better. It is one of the earliest and simplest methods for estimating the future value of Bitcoin prices, using statistical algorithms and historical data to provide long-term price movement insights.

The seven bands on the chart are:

  • Dark Red: an increase of 0% to 20%
  • Red: a 20%–50% rise
  • Orange: a rise of 50% to 100%
  • Yellow: a gain of 100% to 200%
  • Green: a surge of 200% to 400%
  • Blue: 400–800% increase in
  • Purple: an increase of 800% or more

Every band has a variety of Bitcoin values that fall inside that particular band. For instance, the purple band indicates a price range of $19,762 to infinity, while the dark red band represents a price range of $0 to $9.8.

The history of the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart

The history of the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart

Bitcoin Rainbow Chart’s logarithmic regression concept was first posted in 2014 by a user using the username “Trolololo” on the well-known forum Bitcoin Talk. After some effort by a few Bitcoin community members, the concept developed into today’s Rainbow Chart.

How to Use the BTC Rainbow Chart?

The Rainbow Chart is designed to provide an enjoyable means of observing long-term price changes while ignoring the “noise” associated with daily fluctuations. It’s crucial to remember that the chart has no scientific foundation and, like other models, will remain accurate until it stops being accurate.

Eight bands overlay the Bitcoin log price chart.

Eight bands overlay the Bitcoin log price chart.

Every band represents a price range that is appropriately labeled to reflect the state of the market. Historically, bands like “Extremely Overvalued” and “Extremely Undervalued” have been reliable predictors of future trends.

The warmer hues represent the zones for selling Bitcoin and making money, while the colder hues symbolize the zones for purchasing Bitcoin during a bear market. The 4-year ‘halving’ markers are the supply halving of Bitcoin, a distinctive feature of its scarcity monetary policy. Each of these four-year Bitcoin cycles has provided traders with possible buying and selling opportunities, and these predictions have sometimes been accurate in identifying blow-off peaks.

Over time, it has been discovered that, with a few exceptions, such as the “bubbles” of 2011, 2014, and 2017, the majority of the time, the trend of the price of Bitcoin has stayed within the bands of the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart.

Is the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Accurate?

Is the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Accurate?

The accuracy of the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart seems inherently restricted since it relies on previous data and the basic beliefs of its creators. Although the color bands on this chart represent several price ranges, they are fundamentally arbitrary and do not adequately capture the subtleties of the current market dynamics or price estimates for the future. 

The graphic provides a clear and vivid representation of the price history of Bitcoin. Still, it must consider outside factors such as regulation changes or significant worldwide economic events.
The appeal of the crypto Twitter community may have little to do with its analytical utility as a tool for making decisions. Instead, it seems to draw more attention due to its meme-like appeal. Especially in the context of making severe financial choices. The chart is a lighthearted and broad summary of Bitcoin price fluctuations rather than an accurate or thorough tool for market analysis.

What Is The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Indicator?

What Is The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Indicator?

One technique for long-term Bitcoin value is the Rainbow Chart. The price of Bitcoin ought to adhere to a logarithmic growth curve in the future. Rainbow bands sit on top of the logarithmic growth curve channel. These bands illustrate the market mood at each rainbow color stage as the price progresses through them. Consequently, identifying possible purchase or selling opportunities. 

The Rainbow chart, like all of the other charts on this site, shouldn’t feel interpreted as financial advice. It aims as both entertaining and instructive. Past performance inside the rainbow channel fails to ensure it will continue. Currently, the price of Bitcoin has remained contained inside the logarithmic growth channel’s rainbow color bands.

The Downside of Investing in Bitcoin: Volatility

The Downside of Investing in Bitcoin: Volatility

Numerous Bitcoin investors have had difficult losses, made fortunes, made some nice gains, and lost a fortune. Among traded financial assets, the price of Bitcoin is remarkably volatile, even on an intraday basis. Indeed, the cost of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot over any given period. 

Given the recent volatility in Bitcoin’s price, many traders and investors are always looking for trustworthy ways to forecast the market’s direction. Check out CoinChef’s cryptocurrency converter to improve your experience with cryptocurrencies and rapidly convert between digital assets.

Since the foundation of their business is making money by trading against volatility, day traders like Bitcoin’s volatility. However, only some individuals who save or invest in Bitcoin are day traders. No, the majority aren’t!

Those who don’t actively maintain their investment portfolios daily or weekly have a lower risk. Tolerance may wish for an easy method to make a little additional money by buying at favorable prices. The strategy would involve selling before significant price declines. 

Bitcoin Rainbow Charts is a strategy cryptocurrency investors have become fond of in 2022 to boost ROI and minimize losses. It’s rather apparent from these charts when to purchase, sell, and hold Bitcoin. The suggestions are based on a decade’s worth of historical pricing data from significant cryptocurrency exchanges.

Here’s a brief explanation of what a rainbow chart is and how it works before discussing its benefits and drawbacks and whether it can be a trustworthy resource for purchasing and selling Bitcoin.

Buy Low, Sell High: Bitcoin Rainbow Charts

Buy Low, Sell High: Bitcoin Rainbow Charts

The foundation of Bitcoin Rainbow Charts is a straightforward investment principle that holds for many asset classes, not just cryptocurrencies. Wall Street has been saying this for a long time about stocks, which are shares of company equity. It also applies to commodities and fixed-income products like bonds. 

The maxim “Buy Low, Sell High” is fundamental and obvious. Bitcoin Rainbow Charts are opaque, with highly technical trading jargon and wise investment advice.

The graph depicts a multi-year logarithmic historical price graph of Bitcoin. To put it another way, as you go up the chart, each multiple of $10 after that gets flattened to fit the same amount of vertical space as the multiple of $10 before it. You can see the price of Bitcoin as a line graph in this way without requiring a giant screen!

A band of nine color-coded concepts based on the visible color spectrum’s ROYG BIV appears on top of the pricing line graph. That is the origin of the moniker “Bitcoin Rainbow Charts.” The line representing the price of Bitcoin fluctuates up and down within this range based on its different suggestions.


Traders and investors can use the BTC Rainbow Chart to better understand Bitcoin’s price fluctuations. Traders may find possible buying and selling opportunities by using the chart. Even if some may doubt its accuracy, it’s crucial to remember that no one instrument can foretell the market’s future.

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Is the Bitcoin rainbow chart accurate?

A rainbow cannot be used to forecast the price of Bitcoin! It is designed to be an enjoyable method of examining past long-term price changes while ignoring the “noise” associated with daily volatility. Its scientific foundation is nonexistent.

What is rainbow chart Bitcoin?

17 November 2023. The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart provides an easily understandable overview of the price patterns of the cryptocurrency with its color-coded and user-friendly reference to price history. Though it’s more of a broad indication than a thorough analytical tool, each color band indicates a distinct value level.

What is the highest rise of Bitcoin?

Otherwise, by July, the price of Bitcoin had fallen to $29,796. But Bitcoin was committed to breaking new ground that year. The value of Bitcoin increased throughout the following months, hovering around $50,000. Ultimately, Bitcoin reached its highest price on November 10, 2021, at $68,789.

What is the rainbow pattern in crypto?

Using a color-coded spectrum, the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart is well-known for its ability to forecast the direction of the cryptocurrency’s price. These hues, which vary from dark red to dark blue, show different price ranges and clearly show how Bitcoin is now priced according to historical patterns.

Can I buy crypto on Rainbow?

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