Buy Bitcoin with a Visa gift Card

Buy Bitcoin with a Visa gift Card: It’s easy to purchase cryptocurrency on Paxful by following these steps:

  • Register — After creating an account, you will instantly get a free Bitcoin wallet.
  • Locate an offer — After creating an account, choose your desired currency, the payment method, and the quantity of Bitcoin you want to buy. Then, click Search for Offers. Examine the seller’s conditions, choose the offer that most closely fits your needs, and review the list of potential offers.
  • Start the deal – Enter the quantity of Bitcoin you want to purchase and initiate the trade if you agree with the seller’s conditions. With the seller, a live chat will now open. To make and confirm the payment according to the seller’s instructions.
  • Get the Bitcoin — The vendor will send the money straight to your Paxful wallet.

It has never been simpler to purchase Bitcoin online, with over 450 accessible payment options. You may choose the best approach, from gift cards and payment apps to cash and bank transfers. Tell us about your preferred payment option if you don’t see it available, and we’ll work to make it happen.

How to Buy Crypto with a Prepaid Debit Card

How to buy crypto with a prepaid debit card

You may begin purchasing Bitcoin—or any other cryptocurrency—with a prepaid debit card in just a few minutes. You may buy online using the BitPay purchasing widget or the BitPay Wallet app. With both, you may purchase over 60 popular cryptocurrencies and transfer them to any self-custody wallet.

Buying Crypto with a Prepaid Card in the BitPay App

Buying crypto with a prepaid card in the BitPay app

Step 1: Get the app

Use your favorite app store to download the BitPay app, or scan the QR code below. Do you possess the BitPay app already? Ignore this section.

Step 2: Tap “Buy Crypto”

Tap the “Buy” button on the app’s home screen to purchase cryptocurrency using a prepaid debit card. BitPay offers support for over 60 of the most well-known cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, including Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and many more, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC).

Step 3: Choose your amount and the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase

Enter the desired coin and the amount you want to convert to cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Choose a Debit Card as your payment method

When requested, enter the credentials of your prepaid debit card. Then, make sure your remaining card balance will cover the transaction by checking the BitPay app. Additionally, you may purchase cryptocurrency using local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards (where available).

Step 5: Review and choose your offers

BitPay has several partners to guarantee you will always get the best rates, free from excessive markups or hidden costs. Select the most excellent deal that suits your needs, and you’ll be sent straight to one of our partner websites to finish the purchase.

How to Buy Crypto Instantly with a Prepaid Card?

How to buy crypto instantly with a prepaid card?

Decide which cryptocurrency you wish to purchase first. It may be one of the more than 70 cryptocurrencies supported by CEX.IO, or it may be a well-known currency like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), etc.

You may choose the currency from the Buy dropdown list on the Buy/Sell page. In addition to a place where you may input your quantity, you can see four boxes displaying the most common sums of virtual currencies purchased by our clients. The current market rate of the money or token determines the fiat equivalent you should pay. Before buying a cryptocurrency, you may instantly verify and compare prices.

Click “Buy” after you’re satisfied with the amount. On the next page, you will see all the transaction information, including the amount, price, number of fiats you must pay, and deposit commission. You have two payment options: utilize the available money on your CEX.IO balance or your prepaid debit or credit card.

After you approve the transaction, BTC (or any other currency you’ve selected) will appear on your CEX.IO account. Go to the Finance page and check your balance.

What Card Type do you Choose for Buying Bitcoin and other Crypto?

What card type do you choose for buying Bitcoin and other crypto?

Verify that your bank accepts cryptocurrency transactions before using a debit card, prepaid credit card, or bank transfer to purchase Bitcoin. Since they believe digital assets threaten the established financial system, many banks steer clear of digital assets entirely or even outright forbid them. Here are some pointers for using various card kinds on CEX.IO.

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) with a Visa card on CEX.IO

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) with a Visa card on CEX.IO

Visa welcomes cryptocurrencies and views them as cutting-edge technology essential to the financial system. The business permits a variety of transactions using virtual currency. You should have no trouble using a prepaid Visa card to purchase Bitcoin.

Using Mastercard for Crypto Purchases

Using Mastercard for crypto purchases

Realizing that using prepaid Mastercard cards to purchase Bitcoins has become commonplace in today’s digital environment, Mastercard decided to join the ranks of cryptocurrency fans. They said that in 2021, some digital currencies will be supported on their network. This implies that you may deposit money and buy cryptocurrency on CEX.IO using Mastercard debit, credit, and prepaid cards.

What to Know before Buying Crypto with Prepaid Cards?

What to know before buying crypto with prepaid cards?

Your bank account and a prepaid debit card are unrelated. You may use the money on the card to make contactless purchases in stores or online. Additionally, you may fund your CEX.IO account with USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB using a prepaid card. You may purchase Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and other cryptocurrencies with these monies. However, you must use a different card to sell Bitcoin (BTC) and withdraw cash to your card because payment terminals and internet services cannot fund prepaid cards.

Gift cards: Pros and Cons

Gift cards: pros and cons

Using a gift card, you may pay for goods at various retail establishments, eateries, petrol stations, etc. Usually, the firm that issues them allows you to purchase with this card. If you don’t want to use your credit card or don’t have cash on hand, it’s handy. You may also give your friends and family this card as a gift. They are only available in locations where you may pay, however. It’s usually a single brand of eateries or retail establishments. Also, the whole amount deposited onto the gift card must be used in a single transaction. Gift cards are not currently supported for deposits or withdrawals on CEX.IO since they are not linked to the banking system.


Paxful is a platform that enables millions of people worldwide to access financial services, allowing them to purchase Bitcoin directly from other users without the involvement of businesses or banks. It offers over 450 accessible payment options, including gift cards, payment apps, cash, and bank transfers. To buy Bitcoin with a prepaid debit card, users can use the BitPay app or the BitPay Wallet app, which supports over 60 popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

To buy cryptocurrency with a prepaid card, users must verify their bank’s acceptance of cryptocurrency transactions. Visa and Mastercard are two popular cards for buying Bitcoin on CEX.IO. Visa cards allow contactless purchases in stores or online, while Mastercard supports some digital currencies on their network. Prepaid cards can be used for contactless purchases in stores or online but not for selling Bitcoin and withdrawing cash. Gift cards can be used for purchases at retail establishments, restaurants, and petrol stations, but they are not currently supported for deposits or withdrawals on CEX.IO.

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Can you buy Bitcoin with a Visa gift card?

You may use a Visa gift card to purchase Bitcoin through peer-to-peer cryptocurrency markets like Noones and CoinCola. If you reside in the United States, you can immediately use a Visa gift card to buy Bitcoin via the CardCoins platform.  You should know that the rate you get when purchasing Bitcoin using a gift card will be lower than the current market price. 

How to buy Bitcoin with a Visa gift card?

You may purchase Bitcoin using a Visa gift card using a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace. Noones and CoinCola are two instances of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency markets where you may use a Visa gift card or prepaid card. Via the CoinCards network, residents of the United States may purchase Bitcoin with a Visa gift card.

Can you buy Bitcoin with a Visa gift card with no ID?

Without a valid ID, you may purchase Bitcoin using a Visa card. The Noones platform lets customers buy Bitcoin using a Visa gift card without requiring more authentication beyond phone number verification. Users can only purchase and withdraw a certain amount of money daily if they fail to authenticate themselves completely.

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