How to Buy and Store Pacific Bitcoin Safely

Buy and Store Pacific Bitcoin: Bitcoin wallet applications and cryptocurrency centralized exchanges (CEXs) that take fiat money are the two primary methods for purchasing Bitcoin. The safest option is to utilize a self-custodial Bitcoin wallet program that takes money since using CEXs has significant concerns regarding the security and management of your digital assets. With a two-day immersive experience into the world of Bitcoin, Pacific Bitcoin is the premier Bitcoin event on the West Coast.

A community of passionate Bitcoin fans, a stellar roster of speakers, and top sponsors in the industry come together for what hopes to be the largest Bitcoin-focused conference of the year. I started working on this project halfway through the first year of planning, honing the brand’s logo, color scheme, typography, and other design components to produce an eye-catching, unified identity that matched the fundamental values of the Bitcoin community. I assumed leadership as the brand director for its second year.

As Pacific Bitcoin’s second-year brand director, I shaped the company’s aesthetic and user experience. In addition, I was crucial in creating and overseeing the conference’s overall vibe, ensuring that all of the event’s components—website, ticket designs, social media, motion graphics, furniture and décor, sponsor materials, meals, and more—worked together harmoniously.

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Project scope

Project scope

My goal for the first year was to create a strong brand identity for the Pacific Bitcoin conference. The main goal was to make Pacific Bitcoin stand out as a must-attend event in Bitcoin conferences. Raise awareness and anticipation. This required creating a unique visual identity, producing marketing collateral, and interacting with the Bitcoin community.

The second year saw a shift in focus on improving the conference atmosphere. Building on the first year’s brand, the emphasis switched to honing the visual components and creating a more unified and immersive environment. The outcome solidified Pacific Bitcoin’s standing as a top event in the Bitcoin field by creating a conference that felt and looked more professional and offered a more profound and exciting experience.

Design with purpose

Design with purpose

By maintaining Swan Bitcoin’s identifiable and consistent identity, I contributed to the company’s success. There were only four months till the event when I started working on this project. Even while there were a lot of visually attractive individual brand pieces, when combined, they lacked a consistent and coherent relationship.

My goal was to make sure Swan Bitcoin’s branding was recognizable and consistent across all platforms. To achieve this, I worked very hard to make sure that Pacific Bitcoin’s fonts and color schemes were legible, visually appealing, and could be utilized in all marketing channels.

I continued improving the brand’s recognition and consistency during the second year. I improved the standing of Pacific Bitcoin as a premier Bitcoin conference by fixing the branding flaws found in the first year. Maintaining this uniformity was essential to projecting a cohesive and expert image. I also concentrated on developing unique brand images that complemented the overall brand identity to strengthen association and identification. In addition, I completely redesigned the website to improve accessibility and navigation, giving visitors a more seamless experience.

My Pacific Bitcoin Journey

Coming ashore in California was thrilling. The Pleb Party was our first expedition. I was so anxious to talk to and meet everyone. I was worried that I would miss everything in every discussion. The room was enormous. I felt uncomfortable and weird since I was far from my comfort zone. As we waited for meals, we introduced ourselves to new people.

We were meeting lovely and fascinating new individuals. Everybody has a unique narrative about how they came onto Bitcoin. I was looking forward to tomorrow instead of feeling uneasy. I desired to interact with these folks more. The ideal way to introduce yourself to the Bitcoin community was at the Pleb Party. 

First Day at Pacific Bitcoin

We needed to figure out where to start when we arrived at Pacific Bitcoin on the first day. As soon as we entered the Swan dome, I recognized the voices that my spouse had been playing on the speaker on Cafe Bitcoin every morning.

We listened as we sat. After they finished speaking, I met the individuals (Alex, Peter, Ant, Tomer, and Dom) I listened to daily as I packed my kids’ school lunches and cooked breakfast. Everything became more tangible when I met the folks who had unintentionally been a part of my daily routine while learning about Bitcoin and putting words to faces.

It was fascinating to go around the venue and take in all of the companies set up at their booths. Snacking on fresh mango and grass-fed beef jerky while discovering these businesses and being able to help them was a *chef’s kiss*.

Women in Bitcoin

Women in Bitcoin

It is challenging to remain unintimidated in an environment where men predominate. It was energizing to meet Lisa Hough because I value having female role models I can admire and learn from. I’m delighted she was the first woman I met since I didn’t know any other ladies in the area.

If someone wanted to talk to her, she would pause and engage them in discussion. There was something peaceful about her presence in the center of the tumultuous room. She introduced me to several other female Bitcoin users. I discovered businesses, podcasts, and gatherings for women in the field. After that, I stopped feeling like I was traveling an impassable path. 

The Bitcoin Veterans

The Bitcoin Veterans
A motivated group of Bitcoiners led a compelling conversation during my husband’s speech on the Bitcoin Veterans panel. Before meeting the Bitcoin veterans, I believed my spouse to be a psychopath; they were all either worse than him or in agreement with him. They all have a great relationship and are working together to establish a space for veterans in the Bitcoin community.
Having spent the previous ten years of my life as an army wife, it gave me peace of mind that my husband would have these incredible guys and this community in his life after he left the military. It was exciting to have the chance to work with so many intelligent people who each bring something unique to the table. Each of them had a compelling tale to tell. They all desire to aid everyone, even if their reasons for doing so vary. They want to teach you if you have questions or perhaps you don’t. 

I’m a Bitcoiner Now

I’m a Bitcoiner Now

Although I’ve always favored and been excited about Bitcoin, I felt cut off. It seemed like my spouse was the one who understood everything thoroughly, and I was missing something. I avoided it because I assumed I would be completely overwhelmed as a stay-at-home mother. However, I needed clarification.

All I had to do was get to know the locals. I missed being a part of the Bitcoin community, being around all these psychopaths, and conversing with them. They made me feel eager to jump in by filling in the spaces. To completely orange-pill someone, you have to make them experience this movement. 


Pacific Bitcoin is the premier Bitcoin event on the West Coast, offering a two-day immersive experience into the world of Bitcoin. The brand director, responsible for shaping the company’s aesthetic and user experience, aimed to create a strong brand identity and a unified environment for the conference. The second year focused on improving the conference atmosphere to create a more professional and immersive experience.

The brand director worked on maintaining Swan Bitcoin’s identifiable and consistent identity, ensuring consistency across all channels. In the second year, they were focused on fixing branding flaws, developing unique brand images, and redesigning the website for a more seamless experience. The journey to Pacific Bitcoin was thrilling, with the Pleb Party being the ideal way to introduce attendees to the Bitcoin community.

The first day at the conference was energizing, as attendees met people they had unintentionally been part of their daily routine while learning about Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Veterans panel allowed veterans to discuss their experiences and help each other.

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